First of all, welcome! Let me start of by saying you and I are going to have a lot of fun. We will look and explore in those crevices of our minds that mostly lay in unchartered waters. It is time to explore, discover, learn and achieve!

All the articles on this website have the purpose of helping you grow as a conscious human being. The best way to influence change in the world is to begin with oneself. I am on the journey to improve myself and I want to take you along with me.

We are all on the pursuit of happiness.

Fear is one of the most controlling unhappy emptying feelings we possess as humans. Due to our ability to question our long term and mortality, we are often more burdened than animals are. One of the biggest steps in life is when we can release fear and let unrequited love overtake the void we created on our own with fear. We can abandon feelings of fear, tension, anger, shame and an overall unhealthy demeanour by creating awareness within ourself.

 The main themes of this site are the following four:

Food & Health: One of my life passions would have to be food. I love variety and I am learning more and more about nutritional information. Health is also something that goes hand in hand with food. I shall be sharing some recipes and information.

Life & Learning: This is in regards to the ongoing journey with all the life lessons we continuously either stumble upon or seek. What can we teach one another? Welcome yourself to learning opportunities and self-improvement with these articles!

Love, Dating & Relationship: Love & intimacy is confusing at times. Dating takes some guts and bold bravery. Relationships are complicated. These concepts are easier said than done. Let’s open the conversation door to these subjects.

Poetry: For more than a decade, I have gotten great insights from poetry from others as well as writing poetry. Feel welcome to look through some poetry I have written in the past. It would be wonderful to share that with you.

As said, it is time to explore, discover, learn and achieve – so let us get to it..