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29 Tinder Tips for Dating: Other Profile Pictures

This part of the series Tinder Tips To Avoid for Dating will have a look at the other or extra profile pictures. Although the most important is the first picture (see article here), the extra pictures let you show your awesomeness in other ways. Think of your dating profile like a resume, if you want to get the job you shall need to stand out from the crowd.

This article is part of the series Guide to Online Dating: Tinder App

Nine tips of what to show:

  1. Have multiple pictures – start off by having the pictures at all.
  2. Show your passions – if you have some sports, hobbies or passions you want to share and show off, then do. Try to keep it from being rated PG.
  3. Be genuine – yes, show the best you but still make sure to show a version of you. If you are not an adventurous or a music junkie, don’t show those things. Be you.
  4. Put your best foot forward – smile, show your face, and charm them with your ‘fancy pants’. The beauty of having multiple pictures is that you can show multiple sides of yourself.
  5. Take pictures – if you don’t have these pictures, you can take them or ask someone to. Only having selfies and group pictures may limit the impression you can make.
  6. Travel pictures are great – in travel mode, we are often most relaxed and often at our happiest.
  7. Variety is the spice of life – Show the different sides of who you are rather than the same sort of picture.
  8. Pet picture – Studies indicate that having a dog increases your likeability. Kissing your dog on the lips or showing your pet on every picture probably shows your love but maybe a bit too much?
  9. Picture related to your job – if you want the Tinderer viewing your profile to get an accurate idea of who you are, your passion for your job/career might be a good place to start.

Twenty tips of what not to show:

  1. Duplicate photos – If you don’t have many pictures, it won’t get better by putting the same picture up twice.
  2. Bad quality pictures – If your face is made up of two pixels, it won’t really add onto your profile. Same goes for really blurry photos.
  3. Facebook profile template – you know what I am talking about right? The blue backdrop with the white outline of either a female or male. What is the point of using that as one of your pictures?
  4. Fleshiness– When you show enough skin/sexuality/sensuality, you prime someone to view you sexually. You can also show your physique without bearing all flesh.
  5. Only face pictures – This is not a literal Facebook. Most people will want to see a picture of all of you. Like you know, Tinder is a superficial app. If you are in it, embrace it.
  6. Don’t ‘superhide’ – If your main Tinder picture is with sunglasses and/or unclear due to bad lighting or quality (not smart), then other pictures should show you.
  7. Avoid the duck face – I don’t know when this somehow indicated sexiness but I have yet to see someone actually positively react to a duck face. Maybe a kissy face to prime them into wanting to kiss you? Still debatable.
  8. Pictures that are not you– Also lame to do. It is even better to post a picture of yourself with sunglasses, closed mouth and a hat than some complete stranger. Most people will figure it out pretty quickly.
  9. Celebrity shots – Last time I checked, the world is not filled with Brad Pitts and Megan Foxes. Does this actually work? I am curious.
  10. Passport photo – Most people do not smile or look their best on passport photos, so why would you put that on your profile? If you struggle with finding great pictures, go take some. Don’t resort to the non smiling professional documentation please.
  11. Try to not look like a serial killer – If you have a lot of scary outfits and so on, that may be funny to you but without the clear context, it might come across very differently to a Tinderer. Showing doll collections also fall in this category.
  12. Bathroom selfies or bedroom selfies with leopard print – hiding in the bathroom are we? Just please don’t.
  13. Hipster style selfie – My dear, when you are clearly taking a selfie (mobile is in the picture and you are pointing it at you) then looking away like it is a candid shot is not really going to work.
  14. Casual sleeping selfie – These should be reserved for when someone is already into you because it is one of those ‘things you do’ when you are in a relationship with someone, not for a first impression.
  15. Only group pictures– This is not Where’s Waldo/Wally. You are basically hiding in the crowd and sort of saying that you have never taken a decent picture on your own.
  16. Intoxicated pictures– Risky, because although many people love a good party, they are usually looking for someone who can do more than only party. Maybe you want to show yourself enjoying a festival (a hobby) and then it would make sense… or wearing your best clothes pre-sweatathon.
  17. Beware of the baby– Yes, babies are often cute. But even if they are your own, is that something you want to be the first thing you share with someone you are interested in?
  18. A picture with an ex–Yes, those pictures with your ex probably show you happy because you were in love. Or maybe you really like the picture with your friend who just happens to be an attractive woman/man. It is very easy to see that you cropped the picture although you might think the few blonde hairs or shoulder is barely noticeable.
  19. Historic pictures– If your picture is so old that there weren’t colour photos yet, consider not posting this as a first impression. If you still had a haircut that was popular in the 80s because it was the 80s (or more recent, even more risky) – consider not posting this as a first impression. Although we may not all mature as gracefully or deliciously as wine, George Clooney or Cindy Crawford, the person you see in the mirror is the one that will be going on the dates – not the you of a few decades back. If they don’t like your age and wisdom, consider it their loss.
  20. No face in any pictures–If you are looking for someone to date and perhaps even begin a relationship with, you will be looking at their face quite often (well, if you are polite) so it is important in a physically oriented app like Tinder to show your face (pun intended).
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