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Beyond Sadness – 10 ways to get back on your feet

Anonymous: I am beyond sad! What should I do to feel better?

Hello love,

First of all ~ I shall send a billion hugs, a million cuddles, a thousand love units, a hundred compliments and ten bullet points of possible advice (Now I shall have to think of those ten..)

1. Things always seem worse in the moment.

When we are sad, it is like a dark cloud is hanging above us. What often helps me is to remember that just like in a Monet painting. If you look at the picture below from a distance, it is glorious and incredibly beautiful. If you look at it close up from one point, it is just blobs of paint.


2. Defining moments in life.

Most will say that the most defining moments in your life are the ones where you are tested in love or friendship. That these moments define who you are. I disagee. I think most of us define who we are by how we deal with the inner turmoil and each crisis life throws our way.

3. You are far from alone.

I love meeting people through this Tumblr. I have gotten to know some of the most wonderful and loving souls, but I have to admit that many of those have had sadness and depression. Perhaps we need to dive in the deep before we come up for air? I had depression at a much earlier age myself, but it seems that many people are going through a tough time.

4. You will always have support.

If you need to speak to groups or something, let me know and I will link you some of the groups on Facebook where I participate in.

5. When the going gets tough..

I think the one person you can always count on is yourself. Learn to trust yourself and love you. I noticed that when I cannot love myself, no one else can either.

6. Find a way to express your feelings.

Use writing/dance/art/sports to get rid of it. Try to continue doing that every day so that you are able to remove built up emotions, understand your own reasoning and possibly solve some inner issues.

7. Cry.

It is good to sometimes cry your eyes out, it relieves a lot of hormones that are pent up. I know that I need to cry at least once a month just to get that sort of release, even when I am happy and in a relationship. It just isn’t healthy to keep it all inside.

8. Embrace sadness.

I don’t know if it works for you, but sometimes I try to “drown” in my sadness just to be in the deep with the sadness so that I get out of it quicker.

9. Find inner peace.

I used to have anxiety attacks at random times in random places and I had this app that had this soothing voice telling you to imagine you were in a meadow and going to walk up a stairway. That made me peaceful and able to get some retrospection on what caused my anxiety. I don’t know if you know exactly why you are sad, but sometimes there is another reason behind the initial reason. Asking why and then why that and then why that for five times will lead you to the true thing that is upsetting you.

10. You have me!

I am always here for support ; )  ~ I would love to help you feel better about yourself!

I hope it helps <3 Otherwise contact me again.


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