Part 1 – Searching for treasure

November 22nd, 2014 – December 2nd, 2014

Set sail, searching for some booty in the lost sea
Jolly Roger dangling in the wind, as the sun surrenders to the horizons
Heave ho seadog, heave ho! Let us scavenge this journey
Leave it to the landlubbers to be seduced by the sirens.

Avast Mateys, belay yerself as the clouds bellow
Batten down the hatches for storm and strengthen the deadlights
Because soon we are to be at odds with the big fellow.

Out of the storm, searching for treasure land
After surviving going eye to eye with the dark demons of the big blue
We give no quarter to other booty seekers; they shall eat sand
Set course to the motherload, ye must come through.
A fortnight passes and the skeleton crew was feeling weary
A crew member approached me and asked for his earning
Alas, no prey, no pay – ye know this – stop acting dreary.

As we remain nestled in the mist, the lookout exclaimed
‘Ho! Cap’n – Lo and behold, treasure isle is upon us! ’ Shiver me timbers!
Mateys, whoever stands in our way shall be maimed
Once arrived, swing the lead and prepare for golden fingers.

Moor the ship! Prepare the pinnace for us to seek
The loot promised on this treasure isle map
And after we can drown in rum – so to speak.


Part 2 – Lo and behold the treasure

November 22nd, 2014 – December 29th, 2014

After slicing through the jungle, our remaining path unfolds
The cave of a thousand wishes – quite a sight for sore eyes
Me first mate speeds ahead to scavenge what treasures it beholds
Returned with arms full of gold, beckoning us to the prize.

With empty hands and chests we arrived and full we returned
Back on board, we rejoice as we splice the main brace
Squiffy, the crew counts our gold well earned.

Weigh anchor! ‘Tis time to return to the land of plenty
Feast on the findings and regain our land legs
Each man eating for twenty
Stand by with meats, breads and kegs

Out of the blue, I face mutiny from me crew
The fortune is too great that it blinded them
Turned the purest of pirates to sully savages

But at my darkest moment
I was accused that me’d run a rig
All crew shouting scupper that!
Pushed out on the plank like some diseased pig

Pillaging and plundering me heart
Typical behaviour of piracy
I remain marooned -Yo ho, yo ho – Tis a pirates life for me.

Regardless of me plagued fate
I remain floating in hope
To avoid joining Davy Jones’ Locker
As dead men tell no tales.

– L. F. Cramer