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This is in regards to the ongoing journey with all the life lessons we continuously either stumble upon or seek. What can we teach one another?

Life lessons learnt the hard way part 1

Life lessons I had to learn the hard way Our childhood years and our education are foundation to pave the…

Happiness: 8 simple & easy ways to become a happier healthier person

Here are some easy steps (life hacks) into becoming a happier and healthier person. Set your sights on more obtainable goals and work your way to the bigger goals.

Self-Improvement: 5 Reasons to be brave & change

Five main reasons stopping people from pursuing their passions. Will you be brave, practical, or both? Fight the fear & live the love!


Let us grow together

Poem: Searching

Sometimes we get lost by fear or lack of direction. Who can you turn to then?

Relativity: Why everything is relative – even when it shouldn’t be.

Humans are not rational and do not approach choices rationally. Examples of irrational behaviour are the attraction effect and the compromise effect.

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