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This is in regards to the ongoing journey with all the life lessons we continuously either stumble upon or seek. What can we teach one another?

Happiness: Five steps closer to the pursuit of happiness

I’ve rounded up five simple ways to have a lighter happier life. Five steps are enough to begin the movement to a more joyous place which will allow you to radiate happiness and affect those around you.

Beyond Sadness – 10 ways to get back on your feet

Sometimes we all feel blue. What are some ways to get out of the funks we can find ourselves in at the worst times? Let me help you find solutions!

Being a “drama mama”

We share to bond. Like monkeys pick each other’s lice out, we gossip. Why do we need this?

We are our own actions.

One reason people stop themselves from grabbing fear by the balls or taking it by the horns is because of fear and worrying. Fight the fear, live the love!

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