Being single tends to be known as a blessing in initial self defining stages (up until around mid twenties) and transform into a burden once one is heading towards the thirties. The world of romance, love and sex tend to include learning as you go. The feedback tends to be lacking as people feel no obligation to further the development and learnings of their previous partners.

How do we improve into a more informed well-adjusted point of view? Find the theory to pair with the practice. I prefer the combination in order to get the best of both worlds.

Regardless of your age, do you want to improve your dating odds? Do you want to look at the methods to improve yourself and improve your dating chances? Have a look at the articles below

Improve yourself

Guide to online dating: Tinder

The world has become an online place. Pre-Internet, we used to go to the baker, butcher, market and local farmer to obtain our daily groceries. With the age of Internet, we resort to online food shopping at your local grocery market with delivery to your door. Pre-Internet, we would go perusing and browsing in clothes stores and be content with having several of each item. With the age of Internet, we just browse online for sales and keep buying more and more clothes until we need to buy a new closet just to fit the new clothes.

The world of courtship has also followed suit. Before you would meet potential matches through mutual friends, mutual interests or per chance. Although this is still applicable for the majority, the number of couples that have met online has grown exponentially over the last decade. It is even predicted that in twenty years, half of all couples will have met online.

According to a report in the GlobalWebIndex, there are around 91,000,000 people using dating apps, two thirds of whom are men. So, where does that leave us? More choice for women (as well as challenge to find a suitable candidate through all the options) and more challenge/invisible competition between men.

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The rise of online dating 

Not only are more and more people making usage of dating websites and apps, the stigma is also beginning to fade away steadily. In 2013, 59% of Americans polled agreed that online dating is a good way to meet.

One of the biggest influences to the dating scene as of late would have to be the Tinder app, which uses a visual simplistic design combined with elements of games to appeal to users. It has taken the market by storm, resulting in 26 million matches a day from an estimated 50,000,000 users.

I felt it was time to look into this app and see what about it makes it the success it is. After I had a look, I realised that there are so many different types of profiles and different intentions. The majority seem to just want a hookup (usually made very clear from their profile pictures and description); however, there is a group of people who have the intentions of meeting new people for friendship or dating. Although the general impression Tinder gives is hookup city – it is still called a dating app for a reason. There is the possibility of beginning a romantic interaction on Tinder.

Yes, this guide is about physical appearances and has tips on how to portray oneself on a profile. That may seem shallow to some (people should like me for how I am, not for how I look) but Tinder is a rather shallow app to begin with. The point of this app is to make you decide whether you like someone by viewing several pictures of that person or whatever they post as pictures paired with a small description and possibly the Facebook friends/likes you have in common. Yes, it is geared towards photos and that is what makes it so simple and I suppose addicting to some.

Basically, it is a game. The proof is in the pudding – once you match with someone, you will be greeted with the text – You are a match! Send a message or keep playing? By turning dating into a game, Tinder attracts a large group of people. It is picture oriented and therefore, to thrive in this game, it helps to make sure that your profile is attractive. Physical attraction is important in romantic relationships as people in general need to feel attracted to someone in order to engage with them intimately. Additionally, the text allows you to inform the viewer of your passions, personality, occupation, interests, likes/dislikes, expectation and even your height!

As Soulpancake describes in their video ’Tinder | The Science of Love’ – “The real benefit comes from just playing it for the game it is : A resilience building exercise that makes romance as winnable as angry birds, because when you tackle the task of finding love knowing that you have a real shot of meeting someone you are into, then most likely, you will.”

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