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Do you ever see a stranger where you just have a special feeling about? They have this power to attract you and make it seem the world is revolving around them. They are Lady/Gentleman Enigma; everyone falling to their charms with their gravitational pull. You think it is only possible because of their personality and that they just have this “something” you can’t put your finger on, but it isn’t that difficult.

I will help you understand how this person is emanating seductive energy and how you could dish it out. Perhaps now you are wondering, well who are you to tell me this like it is your science? All I can say to that is, read my point of view and let me know if it works.

1. Victoria’s Secret

So Victoria has a secret, except everyone knows her secret. Although lingerie has an amazing way of making us feel sensual and sexy, what I mean with this is that you should keep mystery and don’t lay out all your cards out on the table. That is not going to help you.

That doesn’t mean you have to be deceitful or hide everything, it just means that when you meet someone they don’t need to know what you have been doing last week, all your morals and your values. Trust me, if they are interested they will learn all of that soon enough. But for now, answer some questions and ask even more.

Why this works for the Enigma: Enigma know of their powers. They are aware that not divulging everything makes them intriguing and that the more mysterious they are, the further they can pull someone into their gravitational pull. If you can choose to either give everything or get a lot, what would you choose? You know the saying “Slow and steady wins the race”? That applies to most dating related issues, including giving someone information about yourself. Also, Victoria’s secret is quite a valid one. Know your worth but keep some of the reasons to yourself.

2. Love

It is important to love. Can you love yourself? I certainly hope so. The ability to love oneself is something that radiates happiness once you’ve made the move. Not everyone is born into a situation where they love themselves and it won’t fall out of the sky. Once you embrace yourself with all the nooks and crannies, you become undefeatable. The first step to being able to love yourself is to realize that perfection is in the eye of the beholder.

We have a habit to idealize unrealistic beauty standards and put people on a pedestal. Even all the George Clooney’s, Adriana Lima’s and everyone else that has hit the “genetics pool” can be insecure as well. You change the things you don’t like about yourself; probably new to be made improvements will come in its place. Because when we do not love our bodies, it is our minds that are the broken ones. If we do not love ourselves, our minds will remain unsettled and it will be difficult to have a loving relationship with anyone other than ourselves.

Why this works for the Enigma: They love themselves and they realize their own worth. As they live and love, you can feel it. You might not know why they are so attractive and feel so much larger than life but love has a lot to do with it. You have to know that you have the power to choose what you want and have respect for yourself.

3. Confidence

Sometimes, it isn’t about the where you walk – it is about the way you walk. If you have grown to love yourself or already love yourself, you will begin to feel good. If you feel good, it shows on you. Now, I realize that many people confuse being conceited with being confident. Being confident is having a relaxed air around you, not worried about the repercussions of being yourself.

You know how we commonly hear the words: “Don’t worry, everything is going to be alright.” Mostly, we sigh when we hear such things being repeated over and over again. Once you actually believe it, alas, love and confidence will arrive and make you awesome.

Why this works for the Enigma: Insecurity is not attractive. Think about the typical story; Sam likes Alex, they begin to date. They like each other and then Sam begins to act aloof for whatever reason. Suddenly, Alex is becoming more and more desperate for attention and security eats up Alex. Sounds familiar? That is how you lose the sexy edge.

4. Positive thinking

You have to realize that you are an amazing and you are living in an amazing time; ideas, experiences and knowledge have become easier to share, allowing everyone to evolve faster and better. Once you embrace who you are, you should try and embrace what world you have made for yourself.

You are your experiences and your experiences are an accumulating of choices, most of which you have a say in. You are powerful. Your choices of thoughts will define your future. If you choose to see the darkness that might be all you see.

Why this works for the Enigma: If you think that you will have the best, you will probably have the best. Enigma knows that everyday will work out. If it didn’t go that well, the next day will be better. If you like someone, let them know and they don’t like you back; the next one might. Focus on the silver lining and not the cloud.

5. Passion

Passion is the fire and your body is the torch. That is not from an arsonist’s point of view, more meant as a metaphor. It is the sexiest quality someone can possess; if you do what you love and you love what you do, you will be having a wonderful experience.

Find out what you love and love to do and then make it happen. To be honest it is better to spend your time chasing dreams rather than focusing on your external environment.

Why this works for the Enigma: Enigma knows that passion will lead to happiness. Happiness is everything: the source of life energy. People are attracted to someone who is passionate and shows it.

 6.Youthful energy

Once you’ve mastered your mystery, love, confidence and some positive thinking, your energy will be strong. There has been research about how youthful energy (having a bounce in their step) causes people to feel drawn to you. That doesn’t mean becoming a Skippy ball, but just see the world as your oyster. See the world in the eyes of a child but the wisdom of a knowledgeable person.

Once we get older, many are weighed down by responsibilities and expectations. The question is whether you let those newfound weights sink in. Find your own ways to stay young: follow your passions and keep making yourself happy. If something that doesn’t harm anyone makes you smile, just keep it up.

Why this works for the Enigma: With a strong positive energy, the enigma pulls others into their gravitational pull. They have a strong energy and it shows. They know that it is vital to follow their heart and passion in everything they do, otherwise they wouldn’t exude their confident and youthful energy.

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