Ladies - dress in red; Colour me sensual. - Lily Cramer

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Ladies – dress in red; Colour me sensual.

What is the truth? The dictionary will tell you something roughly along the lines of this:
The true or actual state of a matter: He tried to find out the truth.
Conformity with fact or reality; verity: the truth of a statement.
But as people cannot individually really ever be objective, is it really the truth then?

If you can’t get a group of people together to agree on something, then where is the truth? Does it even exist outside of mathematical equation with one answer? For example, people always talk about the little black dress. I agree, the little black dress works miracles to curving your body, can give different messages from professional to sexy, and is easy to mix and match.But basically, when everyone decides the LBD is the item of desire, we end up with a room full of LBD’s.

How can you stick out when you all end up sticking in? Therefore my idea in the tip.

Tip of the day: Be the lady in red.

The lady in red is very sexy and draws attention. Not everyone is as charming in red, but it is really a colour that speaks to people and draws them closer to you.

If you really do not consider red being a friendly colour in your case, try with a strong pink or a sea blue.

Don’t stick to black all the time, as tempting as it may be. I have at least 4 red dresses in my closet.

It is also a power colour, radiating confidence and useful when asking for a raise. When it comes down to it, taking charge of your life and letting people know starts with red clothing! Use it to spice up the bedroom; after all, it is the colour of passion and wanting.
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