Numb. How I feel when I see you.
Numb. Every time I greet you in the morning light.
Numb. Your name is beginning become my taboo.
Numb. Every time I bid you farewell late at night.

Tired. How I feel after our meeting.
Tired. Every time my mind weighs all I must do.
Tired. My once infinite energy is now ever fleeting.
Tired. Every time I realise I am bound to you.

Lost. How I feel about my fate.
Lost. Every time I try to work it out.
Lost. Uncertain what my path does await.
Lost. Every time I search for a new route.

Gone. How I desire to be.
Gone. Every time I cry tears being gloom.
Gone. Finished bleeding internally from a dagger through heart & back.
Gone. Ready to something new to bloom.

– L. F. Cramer
29 December 2016