It is becoming increasingly common that people lose their virginity around their early teen years, trying to act grown before they begin to explore the depths of life and their true potential. Being a fetus of life, there are some things that can be out of sight when making decisions regarding your virginity. As someone who waited and basked in the rewards, I would like to tell you why I believe it is well worth the wait. Of course, this is written from my perspective and intended as food for thought.

1. You just have one virginity ~ It is a gift.

Cliche as this may be, we forget the value of ourselves. Offering it to someone merely because they are there or popular is devaluing a beautiful gift. No returning in case of disappointment..

2. Teenagers are filled with hormones.

This is why they are on emotional rollercoaster, spotty and growing pubic hairs. The thing is, these hormones are nature’s way to get us mating. We have only increased our lifespan to 80 years in the last thousand years, before that our teens would be midlife. Hormones can cause one to be less rational and more about seizing the moment. It is not known for being the wisest time for most people.

3. Don’t have sex until you are ready to deal with the consequences.

16 and pregnant is not a myth, it has become increasingly common. If you decide to have sex, learn some sex education. Most people have it at school, but extra education is good. While people have the idea it can creates good reputation, it can be equally damaging.

4. Why older people tell you to wait until you are in love.

This is something people get frustrated of hearing because as teenagers you have the ability to feel tensely. They say this because after having several sexual partners, they’ve realized the most intense sexual encounters were with the ones they love. Not only that, but when you are with someone you trust, you can do it at your own pace. although it may sound irritating, there is a reason it is called making love. To be honest, many people wait for trust to let their freak out.

5. I know adulthood seems far away, but you will miss your teen years.

Things like taking it slow, endless make-outs. I miss those times when it was perfectly acceptable to make out for hours whilst listening to music. This becomes less common the older you get, at least that is what I’ve noticed in my surroundings. Might seem like being grown up is exciting, but that is because we don’t see behind the curtain. Planning, responsibilities and more responsibilities. The expectations that never existed before have taken form. So live carefree and live like a teenager for us who can’t. There’s a song “talking leads to touching, touching leads to sex and in the end there’s no mystery left.” You won’t have that problem when you stick to the teenage ways.

6. You will be telling this story in your life, and often.

I know that sounds quite strange as we don’t all feel the need to share, yet this is quite a common story to share with friends and lovers. It will come up and it had the power to form a particular image around you. This point isn’t as important to the rest, however it might make you think twice before rushing off to do it with anyone anywhere.

7. Explore your own sexuality first.

Just how like you should love yourself before you can truly love someone else, you should learn to please yourself. Have some fun, read some naughty books or watch some lovely videos or have a go at yourself. Besides these options, one can investigate their sexuality by considering: What makes you pur like a cat or sing like a canary? What excites you? What gender are you attracted to or does gender not matter?

8. Trust makes or breaks a great sex partner.

Without trust, you do not know how many partners someone has had, you do not know if they are clean. Would you risk getting a random disease from someone you don’t know well?

To be honest, the first time is often embarrassing and not easy. You have to figure out what goes where and you have to squeeze something into something not used to anything in it. It will not be like open sesame. If someone just wants to have sex with you and then be done with you, they may not be as considerate of your feelings.

9. Safe and sexy.

If you feel secure, you will want to do it again. If it was horrible, you may refrain. It is a common conditioning method our mind uses for experiences and food. When you are intimate with someone you hardly know

10. Think long-term instead of short-term.

Sex is for procreation and recreation (also can be known as practicing ;>) Having meaningless sex may feel good at the time, but orgasms don’t last months (unfortunately), however, residual guilt may last. Suppose you lost your virginity when you got carried away in a moment and then meet your first (perhaps even your last) who was saving it for their first love.

Sex nowadays is seen as a less intimate experience and not very sensual anymore. My wish is to bring back the sensuality which changes sex from a recreational event to an intense orgasmic experience.