I find myself searching for something. Something, anything that will make me feel as alive as I did before. The unfortunate thing is that I am not sure whether that something is within this existence, within these senses. I am limited by my own mind telling me what I cannot.

When I try to look back to the moment I have felt completely at peace and happy, it was when I let everything go. No rules, no plans, all I had were the feelings in my head and the beating of my heart. But without responsibility or proactivity, what is left of me? You strip my adulthood responsibilities away and I welcome you to witness my inner child. The one who is free, who sees opportunity in ruins.

Does this inner child still flourish? Free of fear, free of trials and free of worries – I long to be. Can I have the strength of a thousand diamonds, a temper still like the soft ocean and drown in a million smiles? Feel love not only by my family and friends but in the very Earth we walk on in each and every step.

How do we begin the journey to the way we once thought? Can we free ourselves from the bounds of time and find true inner happiness? We let go. We forgive ourselves for the things we cannot control, for the things we wished we did different and for the matters that once mattered and be absolved. The turbulence is realizing that the only one who can clear your conscience and grant you this greatness, is yourself.