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Be a strong single: A happy whirlwind of singledom and self searching

You don’t need to be in a relationship to be amazing, you already are. Love yourself first and foremost.

Poem: Contemplating Creation

Philosophical poem created by yours truly.

How to be sexy part 3 – Confidence & Putting Yourself Out There

Confidence makes someone more sexy and more seductive. Paired with some changes in body language, you’ll suddenly experience a divine power.

Relationship advice: Friendzone phobia> What’s next?

Coming out of the friend zone is a the display of bravery which does come with a few associated risks. If you want to be more than just friends, there are three main options in the road ahead.

Happiness: Five steps closer to the pursuit of happiness

I’ve rounded up five simple ways to have a lighter happier life. Five steps are enough to begin the movement to a more joyous place which will allow you to radiate happiness and affect those around you.

Nutrition: My nutritional background

How can we become happier and healthier? By learning together about nutrition of course! Let us begin with me telling you more about why I love nutrition.

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