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Relationship advice: Friendzone phobia> What’s next?

Coming out of the friend zone is a the display of bravery which does come with a few associated risks. If you want to be more than just friends, there are three main options in the road ahead.

Five stages of heartache & heartbreak

How to deal with heartbreak and break ups. Understand the different five stages to evaluate where you are and how you will move past the heartbreak.

How to be sexy part 1 – Love yourself & be irresistible

Sexy is a state of mind. The best way to be sexy is by loving yourself.

Being a “drama mama”

We share to bond. Like monkeys pick each other’s lice out, we gossip. Why do we need this?

We are our own actions.

One reason people stop themselves from grabbing fear by the balls or taking it by the horns is because of fear and worrying. Fight the fear, live the love!

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