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Welcome to the health & lifestyle section!

Perhaps you are here because you want to be healthier, perhaps you are here because you want to lose weight, perhaps you want to learn about nutrition, perhaps you want to help your future generations to be healthy or perhaps you want to figure out why you are gaining weight and/or having health problems. All valid reasons and reasons to look into following a healthy lifestyle – something that will be mentioned/instructed on the following blog posts and videos. This requires time and you reprogramming your own brain. Pretty exciting right?

Lily Cramer article - Nutrition
Lily Cramer article – Nutrition

The information you read on the following blog posts will be a collection of personal experiences, examples, research and articles. I will put it all in a comprehensive source list, although many are through series and documentaries. If you have the time to read into the things you find most interesting, make sure to take a closer look. I am learning more on my own as we go along and I look forward to our journey together.


The content of the nutritional programme


Introduction to Nutrition

–       Nutritional programme.

–       Nutrition 101.

–       My nutritional background.

–       How does taste work?

–       The core of the programme: Getting a healthy lifestyles, side effects include weight loss, heightened energy, a new found appreciation of food, build up of muscles. Warning: May take long term to yield real results.

–       Biology in regards to nutrition: What happens in the body.

–       How is our current production of food affecting the world

–       Common myths in regards to food.

  • Drinking 2L a day
  • It can be genetically decided to be obese
  • It has to do with metabolic rate
  • Diets will make you lose weight
  • Etc


Why the global population is gaining weight and becoming less healthy

–       What happened in history that created weight gain

–       Why diets don’t work

–       Due to the urbanization, we lack exercise all together.

–       The evil against healthy living: Processed foods.

–       Lack of knowledge on the food we are eating (not just the healthy options).

–       Our upbringing.

–       Emotional eating: Unresolved emotions end up on top of our gut – “comfort eating”.

–       Mindless grazing: How we end up consuming without noticing.

–       Reasons vegetarians and vegans do not like meat, fish and poultry.

–       Are you have a predisposed to be the size you are?

–       Why people aren’t obese in Thailand.

–       The poisonous affects of pesticides to animals and crops.

–       The power of smells/tastes.

–       Genetically modified organisms: What are they doing to you?


What we can do about it

–       Start at the beginning: What type of eater are you?

–       Binge eating: How to analyze and fight it.

–       Emotional eating: How to analyze and fight it.

–       Seasonal eating: How to analyze and fight it.

–       Self taught cravings: How to analyze and fight it.

–       Premenstrual cravings: How to analyze and fight it.

–       Food information: Short-term vs Long-term.

–       How to replace processed food in your diet.

–       Averse conditioning: From craving to loathing.

–       How to begin: Substitution.

–       Law of attraction: We must change our habits.

–       How breakfast can change everything.

–       You can control your metabolism.

–       Combating unresolved emotions or finding alternative outlets.

–       Types of exercise and their effects.

–       Portion size.

–       Help your future generations be healthy.

–       Cost benefit analysis

–       Are you an extravert or an introvert?

–       The media tries to brainwash us; how do we get out of it?

–       Supermarket survival: How to control your spending behaviour.

–       Slow but steady wins the race; the slower you eat, the more you enjoy the flavour.

–       Become more active.

–       Living according to the food pyramid.


These are the current planned articles or parts. I will be posting those and adding the links to this page. It is useful to resort to this page whenever you find yourself lost in my long ramblings about food spectrum.


Up next – Nutrition 101.

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